Monday, November 3, 2014

Project motivations!

Happy Monday, guys! How was your weekend? Mine was spent with family and friends and funny costumes and good food. Well, if you remember last week's post, you know that I've been super inspired to get organized and decluttered. While falling down the wormhole of Pinterest and the internet looking for tips and ideas to further move me along this wave, I've found all kinds of crazy awesome crafty projects I want to try too. That's silly, I know- the cart before the horse and what-not; but I think I'm going to use some of the cool ideas as a type of reward system for accomplishing my organizing/decluttering goals. Each time I knock one of those goals out of the way, I'll do something nice for my crappy little apartment. Nerd alert, as per usual.

I found this great hand towel ring project from a blog I love called Yes & Yes (check her out here). My apartment has the worst bathroom accessories. They come apart from their hardware and they just annoy me, frankly. I love this idea of a simple ring and a strap of leather. I'd make this for my kitchen and two bathrooms in a heartbeat!

The hubs and I use our laptops for everything. My blog, the online stores, banking/bill-paying, and all entertainment. I hate to even admit that, and it doesn't dominate our lives, but still they are in frequent use. However, I like a clean dining room table, I get very tired of have cluttered table tops and strive to have them clean for proper meals together with no screens. So this little project would create a space for our computers to rest when not in use. Seems pretty easy, right? Perhaps there is a dormant talent for carpentry laying in wait for the right project (I did make a pretty decent cassette holder in shop class in 6th grade).

I currently have six plants of varying life cycles in the window of my dark kitchen. I would love to make this hanging plant rack to store them vertically in the sliding glass door to keep the kitchen window decluttered.

Or perhaps I could expand the space of the kitchen window storage with these shelves. It doesn't solve the "clutter" situation, but it would keep the plants off of the windowsill, up and out of the way so it feels cleaner and less cluttered. Head space, folks.

Any DIY projects you know of that have worked for you, or have inspired you to get your butt in gear? I can use all the help I can get!

Have a good day, y'all! Hope your weeks starts out wonderfully!

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