Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Project 1: Kitchen

My little helpers.

Happy Tuesday, y'all! I hope you all got out there and voted!

Well, I'm still on the organization train and yesterday I found this cool infopraphic-y thing that really inspired me to jump headlong into decluttering/organizing/cleaning my kitchen. My kitchen has always (I've realized) been my starting point on any projects, so it had been sized down quite a bit earlier in the year. However, it is always super cluttered and my fridge is a friggin' nightmare. So, I dove in headfirst and removed ancient artifacts as well as bizarre multiple purchases and fourteen (14!!!!!!!) containers of various mystery items.

It took me about an hour, plus an hour of the hubs and I washing all the dishes in the kitchen. Yikes!! But it looks so awesome and it feels so good and I got rid of some stuff (even hitting the pantry and pulling out viable food donation items). I can't wait to hit the next project tomorrow (the upstairs linen closet, medicine cabinet and bathroom counter/cabinet- yikes).

Progress, baby. Maybe if I can keep this up for a whole week I can make the plant stand for my kitchen!

I feel I should have more food. If there's ever a major disaster/what-not, I got nothin' but pineapple and collards!

On a sad side note, RIP Tom Magliozzi from one of my favorite public radio shows, Car Talk, passed away. Sad but he left a hilarious legacy with his brother.

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