Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thoughts on decluttering...

I've mentioned this several times here, but decluttering my house, wardrobe, mind (life!) has been a focus of mine for a while now. It comes in dribs and drabs, the inspiration to do it, I mean. I get super gung-ho then get totally overwhelmed. It's pretty common, but I don't really like it. I get super bummed when I keep unfortunate cycles going. I want to get to a place where it feels like I've made progress.

Then a little perfect storm hit, as it tends to do when I'm mulling grand things over. First, I got the rush of inspiration and grabbed a few empty cardboard boxes for work for donations (always the first step for me).

Second, I read this article and though some of the suggestions are a little odd (and for me that's saying something); I'd still try them all and it inspired me a bit more. I then scoured the internet for more tips and ideas and more inspiration to get the juices really flowing. Here are a few that really did it for me.

*4 Tips to have a minimalist wardrobe.
*34 Ingenious ways to declutter your entire life. 
*The 7 habits of highly organized people.
*The Only 10 pieces of clothing you need. 

Third, I decided to take a few small steps to get the ball rolling. I got a cheapo shredder for the front door for mail and paperwork. That's my biggest problem in the house. I'm also going to make some changes on the here on P&PPS. I love writing every day, but I find some days are harder to do than others, and most of those days aren't the days that there is a lot of traffic. So next week you will notice there are six posts instead of seven and some of the ideas and themes will be condensed, changed or left out completely. If there is something in particular you really enjoy (like Little Victories etc.) let me know!

So, thus it has begun. Next stop is my spare room. Do you have any surefire ways to declutter? Anything change your perspective, your own little perfect storm? I'd love to know! It's time to make some shit happen, y'all!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

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