Thursday, October 30, 2014

Friday Halloweenies!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN Y'ALL!!!! Boy, do I love Halloween. I love the raised hairs on the back of my neck, chill on the air, the magical time of year that it is! I love costumes and silliness and fun. I love the ancient traditions and the goofier modern traditions. Hocus Pocus, The Great Pumpkin, peeled grapes (eyeballs) and spaghetti (brains!!)! I love the music (my first vinyl record was The Monster Mash), and the suspension of disbelief that allows everyone to basically take a mental night off and just exist freely.

Well, I'm fortunate enough to have the weekend off and I hope y'all do too; and even if you don't, here are some funs, happies, pretties and maybe a few spookies to usher you into a fun-filled weekend!!

*I love that this young gal photoshopped herself into old photos of her mother's childhood and young adult years! It's so fun, and makes you think about (something I've thought about many times) what it would have been like if you could hang out with your folks when they were young. Would they have liked you? Would you have been the good influence or bad?

*OOOOwoooo! Haunted houses (for sale) tour!!!

*AHMAGAH! Madonna Chihuahua!

*Beautiful "lace" pumpkins!

*Great "before and after" wedding photos! 

*Make this cute and quirky garland for trick-or-treaters in just enough time to have it hung before the doorbell rings!

*Pups + Leaves = Total Happiness!!!!!

*I have no idea what costume I could make with this gorgeous silk skirt, but boy is it cute!!! Maybe I don't need a reason!

*Meanwhile...In Scotland.

*Yummy things to do with seasonal squash, or squarshes as has been known to be said 'round these parts.

*Awesome teachers you wish you'd had!

*I laughed so hard at this and have watched it waaaaay too many times since. However, I must share it with you. If you haven't seen Sia's Chandelier video, then here ya go. It's helpful.

*And then there's this incredible version from Dancing with the Stars with the original little gal from the Chandelier video, Maddie Ziegler. She's something else, that kid. Wow.

*On a serious note, Brittany Maynard, the young woman who had chosen to end her life (lived with inoperable brain cancer) with dignity on November 1st,  has decided life is feeling too good to end now. There is no "end date" now, and I think that is so damn cool and ballsy. Go on, girl! Enjoy every damn second!

I hope y'all have a fantastic Halloween weekend! Y'all be safe now!

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