Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Happies!

How can you not be happy looking at that face?! Image courtesy of All Creatures. 

Does it seem like time just whooshes by sometimes? It certainly has felt that way to me this week and whether or not you get "normal" weekends, here are some funs, sillies, happies and pretties to usher you into the weekend (or power through it until your next day off)!

*Laughter therapy. I regularly do this. Not just because I love John Cleese (and baby, I sure do- meowr!), but also because the body needs laughter. It needs silliness (silliness endorphins!). Sometimes I feel a laugh coming for no reason and I just let it out. It's the best feeling! The quality of the sound on the video isn't tremendous but give it a real watch. I bet you'll start laughing.

*Speaking of which, this made me laugh out loud!

*I want to go to there.

*I'll wear this to the end of the world and back. Good grief, does that look cosy! And while we're at it, these too. 

*Ooh, ooh, ooh! I want one for crisp Autumn mornings (apparently in my mind I don't live in Florida, I live somewhere that has a friggin' Autumn) in which I have nothing of import to do and the cosiest pajamas to wear! I can see I need a reminder of this today!

*Also made me laugh out loud. "What excellent boiled potatoes."

*This would be fun for a small dinner gathering! Though, most likely it will be me and a friend just doing a version of this.

*Yes, please!

*I made the best (I mean the best) shrimp and grits last week. I mean, wow! Here's the recipe! Ultimate comfort food.

What makes you get out of a funk? Makes you laugh? Is your ultimate comfort food? Ideal snuggle wear or fashion for Fall? I'd love to know!

I truly hope y'all have a wonderful day (and weekend)!

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