Saturday, August 2, 2014

An Exercise in Being Present Today

Image from sodahead.

As Summer winds down, I find myself longing for Autumn. For sweaters and pumpkin everything. However I also find that as Autumn winds down I long for crisp, cold, silver Winter; and then brilliant, fragrant, leafy Spring.

Right now it is that beautiful window of time where, even throughout the daily grind, one can easily remember the long golden afternoons, the lightning bugs, going to sleep exhausted from swimming and playing knowing that it was one day closer to school starting back and Summer being officially over.

In a lot of cultures, the beginning of August is the beginning of harvest season. When those fantastic explosions of Summer fruits and vegetables are cascading forth in a last hoorah before the chills of Autumn arrive.

I ask you to take some time today, breathe deeply and be present for this time of year. For the gradually shortening days that are still long and hot and heavy with crickets at night. Take some time for campfires and swimming holes. For bright happy sunflowers stretching their faces to the sun. For evenings that begin a denim blue and seem to take forever to deepen. For Summer storms and ice cold drinks. Fresh watermelon and tomatoes. Popcicles and sunglasses slipping on the bridge of your nose.

Take some time to be out in it. To feed the birds some sunflower seeds, to eat a big bowl of cool fresh produce, and to watch the sun slowly creep below the horizon. Play some ultimate Summer music. Whatever floats your boat and takes you to a peaceful place.

Each day is beautiful in its own way. We only get so many. Join me in celebrating exactly where we are today. In these stunningly slow, hot, humid blissful days of Summer. They will be but a memory before you know it.

I truly hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. It happened over the course of a nasty winter and wet spring that summer has been my absolute favorite. I am simply in love with it for all the reasons you listed!

  2. How lovely and wonderful! I hope you enjoyed the meditation, and stay tuned for this Saturday's! Love, to you!