Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday Meditation

This image courtesy of BBC.

Even though I live in North Florida, I am starting to see signs that Summer is indeed fading away. Though, I am all about Autumn, I have to say I'm sad to see Summer dwindling. The days are getting shorter, there is a whisper of chill on the air at night. The fruits and vegetables in my parent's garden are going to seed.

A few days ago, I had a moment of nostalgia watching the setting sun lay long, wide swaths of golden light across my yard. I was reminded of what it was like to be a kid this time of year. Like a wild animal, you could feel it in your bones- the season was indeed changing. There weren't as many lightning bugs, the thunderstorms were less frequent. You couldn't quite stay in the pool or ocean as long as you could two weeks before without getting cold. What lay ahead began running through your mind. New books, new school clothes, new friends.

As if, at an old-fashioned ball- the adventures ahead lay before you like a vast and glistening buffet; and behind you the Summer steps solemnly, but gracefully back from the dance floor; waving at you and tucking her dance card away until next time.

Take pleasure in the last waltzes with Summer this weekend. Step outside in the heat and wriggle your toes in the grass. It's something you always miss in the Winter. Watch the sun set, feel the heat mix with the tendrils of Autumn cool. Have a cookout. Look at the stars. If you're a night owl look for shooting stars (last vestiges of the Perseid meteor shower from earlier this week). Eat watermelon,   run through the sprinkler like a kid, or splash in a pool. Eat OtterPops, and mango salsa. Dance. Remember dancing was a part of our lives when we were kids and its so appropriate for the end-of-Summer spectacular! Dance your face off to your favorite Summer tunes while they still feel relevant and haven't shimmied through the cracks into "memories" yet.

We have but a few weeks left of Summer, steal every moment you can. Be present and grateful and happy.

I truly hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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