Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Happies!

Friday rainbow!

Hello my lovely dearies! What's your plan for the weekend? I'll be trucking along at the shop, hopefully it will be drama-free and go by quickly so I can hurry up and enjoy my Monday off! Because I'm super ready for a long hot bath and bed, I'll jump right in to this week's list of happies, funs, pretties, interestings and what-nots to usher you into a rad weekend of happiness and hilarity!

*This guy does 10 second songs in a bunch of different styles. It's a little bit mind blowing.

*I love this guy! Alan Rickman talks about working with strong, talented, brilliant women. Oh you!

*I loved Alice Gao's interview on A Cup of Jo. What great simple style!

*This is one of the funniest artist series I've seen in a minute. "The Distance I Can Be From My Son". 

*This started out as an article that I wanted to roll my eyes about. Parents who think their kids' Minion toys in their Happy Meals were cussing. It turned out to be a great article on words and their meanings and how we, as adults, sometimes cause more harm than good in teaching our children about what's "good" and "bad".

*Bruiser just wanted to belly flop in the pool. He certainly succeeded.

*SO COOL! A Sun Printing Kit!! I want one!

*Weird things couples are thankful for. HA!

*These lovely gals tried on Victoria's Secret bathing suits, and this is what happened!

*A five step guide to Making S--t Happen!

*To Basil on your 10th birthday! My heart!

*Comedians talking about fatherhood.

*Both impressive and creepy! This guy can do makeup so well, he can transform himself into celebrities!

*Common entertaining mistakes and how to avoid them! I've done 'em all, y'all!

*And to round it out, 10 Ways to Remind Yourself You're Worth It!

Awesome! Have a wonderful weekend friends!!

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  1. Loved the bathing suits, the dog story and self care article !!!!