Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bastille Day it like a French Gal!

Bonjour! It's Bastille Day, and I have no idea why I've always liked and celebrated this holiday. I'm a good ol' 'Merican girl in the Dirty South for crying out loud! However, I just love it and usually hit up my favorite French bakery in town for a fruit boat and tea. I thought it'd be fun today to get some inspiration from these French-inspired lovelies! Why not, oui? Oui!!

First, fashion! I always imagine one of the many reasons the French stereotypically look at Americans the way they do while Americans basically worship French women is somewhere in the French psyche, they imagine the Americans as a clingy lover. One who idolizes and changes in the relationship, when all French people seem to grasp that being a true representation of oneself is key. They certainly don't have articles in French that extol the secrets of the American je ne sais quoi!
Philosophizing aside, it's f-f-f-fashion!

Un: How to create a 5-piece French wardrobe and (theoretically) CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Ha! Love it.

Deux: 12 Secrets to dressing like a French woman!

Trois: How to live like a French Girl!


Quatre: Poulet Saute Chasseur (Hunter's Chicken). Looks so delicious!

Cinq: Galette de Pomme de Terre (Potato Galette). I love a galette!

Six: 44 Classic French recipes with wine pairing suggestions!


Sept: Twelve French ways to style your hair. SO chic!

Huit: French drugstore products that really work...I'm personally addicted to Rose Witch Hazel.

Neuf: What French women NEVER do to their hair. Fascinating!


Dix: Seven secrets to French decorating. Love it!

Onze: "French Women" secrets for a healthy home. 

Douze: Eight Feminine French rooms. 


Trieze: What French children are taught about food that American children are not.

Quatorze: This little French bebe, telling quite the tall tale about Winnie the Pooh. My heart, it is so cute!

Au revoir, mes amis!

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