Friday, July 17, 2015

A challenge for your weekend!

Hey guys, it's finally Friday amiright? I personally can't wait for my (one) day off and I just didn't feel like doing the typical "Friday Happies" today.

Instead I put forth the challenge to do three "Summery" things this weekend. Eat corn off the cob cooked on the grill, or hey have a whole cookout! Soak your feet in a kiddie pool while having a nice glass of something cool and refreshing. Watch a storm from your front porch.

Check out the (oftentimes free) outdoor concerts in your town and dance off the hamburgers you grilled out!

Hula hoop, play frisbee or go to the beach (or hula hoop while playing frisbee on a beach- even better)!

Carve up a watermelon and eat it outside (yes, even if it's a little warm out).  Set up the sprinkler and run through it like you did when you were little. I guarantee whatever "Summery" thing you choose, it will bring a smile to your face.

There are only 67 days left of official Summer. Be present in it instead of wishing for Fall (like I've been all week). Let's make the most out of the dog days we have left!

Have a truly wonderful day y'all!

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