Thursday, January 15, 2015

Things I've learned from obsessive marathons of British television shows.

Cuppa. See #11

I don't know why I've always enjoyed British television shows, but I truly do. Our local PBS station gave me endless comedic nurturing as a child (Are You Being Served?, Monty Python). With the advent of Amazon Prime and Netflix Instant Watch, I have to say I've discovered so many more shows and I love them all. There is something off and quaint and terribly charming about the way they do their programs. American shows quite frequently have a stale Hollywood-ed quality that I dislike. There are exceptions of course where the weird or drama is allowed to flow (30 Rock is a fantastic example), but for the most part if you want humor and heart (with dashes of drama and total weirdness), tune in to the BBC (or stream it all with a cosy blanket, a cup of tea and a sleeve of Jammy Dodgers, and practice your best accent!).

So anyway, here is a list of things I've learned from obsessively marathoning British television shows:

1. Horse brass are mounted everywhere! Once you know what they are, you will see them everywhere! I've got three in my kitchen right now!

2. Victims in murder mysteries are all politely non-bloody.

3. The alternate is true for their rough & rowdy shows (such as Peaky Blinders-- Cillian Murphy meowr!).

4. Old British houses have the loveliest little reading nooks with good sunlight.

5. Florals are e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e! Dresses, cushions, ceramics, draperies, everything.

6. If it isn't floral, it's hats, if it isn't hats its patterned jumpers (otherwise known as sweaters).

Richard Armitage from The Vicar of Dibley (also meowr!) in his saucy jumper.

6. They love their drink!

Cue to 7:33 for one of my favorite scenes ever. Laura Thyme (in a peroxide blonde wig) and Rosemary Boxer both drunk as skunks. So funny!

7. Love can blossom with very little interaction. See again Rosemary & Thyme, The Vicar of Dibley (to name a few) and anything Jane Austen ever wrote.

8. But when it does, they can really drag that sucker out! There's something to be said about that; but also, as an American, sometimes you wanna see them kiss already!!!!

C'mon Tim! (The Office- the original).

9. Endings tend to be neat and tidy, if however, rather bittersweet.

10. They are far better with historic shows than Americans. It's a bit embarrassing really. The Brits go for accuracy whereas the Americans go for style. As a history nerd, I find that annoying.

11. A cuppa will do just fine instead of a hug in most emotionally-intense situations.

12. But boy do their story lines pluck at the heart strings, even the comedies! Ooof.

Hands down one of the funniest and most poignant television shows I've ever seen. Derek. Watch it on Netflix.

13. The British aren't terribly sentimental when an actor leaves a show and they easily replace them either with a lookalike or remove the character completely. Americans are far too sentimental for that kind of nonsense, it'd only pass (but barely) with soap operas.

Land Girls.

14. They aren't afraid to get a bit weird.

Being Human. See also, Spaced, below.

15. Though a bit cagey and bitey (snippy as we'd say down here in the South) and quick to tease each other ruthlessly, they have their own unique love languages and I suppose the affections run very deep though only a trickle is visible from the outside. Not that that is big news, just something I was surprised to actually see!

Ab Fab. An oldie but a goodie.

16. They do love a dinner gathering!

17. As well as a ragtag group of misfits. Ensemble casts seem to be quite a big deal.

The cast of Misfits. A truly original (and completely odd) sci-fi superhero show that I love.

18. When in doubt, running gags, puns, and irreverence (and even more weird)!!!

A favorite of mine, Spaced.
Have a truly wonderful day, y'all!


  1. I bloody well love them too! They are not so concerned about perfection as their American counterparts, they like the imperfections of human nature. My faves are Midsomer Murders, Rosemary and Thyme and of course Phryne Fisher.... I love them all!

  2. Ah! So great, right?! Check out tomorrow's post for a new murder mystery show for us to check out!!