Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Two Week Check In!

Alright y'all, can you believe we're already two weeks in to the new year?! It's going by too fast already! So, how are your resolutions going? Whether it's weight loss, organizing that spare bedroom, learning a new craft or skill or getting through Julia Child's entire cookbook; before you give up on the goals you set for yourself, have you tried making an organized "goal at-a-glance" so you can keep track as you go along? I found this the other day and I thought it was a complete gem for a few reasons:

1. It's simple. You won't do it if it isn't simple!

2. It's manageable. It's small, no special supplies are needed other than a stack of post-it notes and a pen. However, six tasks seem so much more feasible when they are written in big lettering on small pieces of paper. And! It forces you to choose the six most important tasks instead of the dozens of minute ones that seem important but really aren't.

3. It's visual. Each task is assigned to a small square piece of brightly coloured paper. The at-a-glance benefits cannot be denied! Especially if you're really trying to get organized.

4. It's efficient! Each week you update it with the simple changing of a slip of paper. It minimizes the perceived workload to make each task achievable.

Alls ya gotta do is write your goal as your heading and six things you can do to move forward with that goal every week (oh and DO THEM)!

What do you think? Do you think you'll try it out? I think it's a peach of an idea to keep one motivated and in control of their goals (and plain ole to-do's too). We've gotta get going on our year's list, we're already 1/26th done with this year! Aaaaaaagh!! JK, fifty weeks is nothing to sneeze at!

Also, I'd love to know what works for you! I'm always game to try something new! Have a wonderfully organized and productive day!


  1. I like the looks of this one! Not so overwhelming.

  2. I was hoping you would!!! :-)