Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Happies!

We've done it again, friends! We've made it through another week! This one seems like it flew by, doesn't it? Well, I'm slogging along this weekend, but I certainly hope that you are free as birds. Even if you aren't I certainly hope that this odd list of funs, pretties, happies, feel-goods and what-nots helps usher you all in to quite the pleasant pair of days! Heeere's this list!

*I live in Florida. So this...isn't a thing for us, but it's still cool to see!! Come hurricane season, I'll show you a totally different kind of time-lapse (it will mostly involve a hurricane party but that's not the point).

*Stuff I didn't know I wanted for camping. There are at least two dozen that I really really dig! The sheep tent being one of them...

*Here's a little "it's-almost-halfway to Spring" punch of colour!

*Looking for something to read to make you laugh and/or seriously devour a book in an afternoon? Take your pick (I've read 5 of the 13 and they do. not. disappoint.)!

*The American evolution of the "Perfect Female Body" in 100 years. Pretty wild. Here's a totally different take on that idea, but through the centuries all over the world!

*Cool! Lightning storm as seen from space!

*I want this on my door starting now for February through April!!

*This made me laugh out loud! 6 Time Dads Dressed the Kinds, and It Was Awesome! Seriously, GO DADS!!

This one makes me laugh every time I see it. 

*I've been on the quest for the perfect measuring spoons for my entire adult life. It may seem like a silly quest, but try being in a kitchen with half-ass measuring spoons. I'm convinced my baking attempts are a disaster due to this very simple lacking in my kitchen. All of that is to say...I like these. They purdy.

*On that same note. A hilarious video about parents judging other parents. It's so good, and I'm not even a parent! It can totally be applied to so many different aspects of life.

*I weirdly love these even though I know my feet would be dying at work (and I really dig the space-agey shiny metallic ones too!!).

*Nerd alert! I could really use these for the hubs' side of the closet!

*Mardi Gras will be here in 19 short days! I gotta order my king cake!

*I more than likely have shared this with y'all before. But I think I need this. Like not a want, but a need. I also may be confused about what "need" means.

*Yep. This pretty much summed up that business for me from ages 9-12. Can I get an Amen from the congregation?

I hope y'all have a truly wonderful day y'all! Cheers! OH! And don't forget to say "Rabbit Rabbit" on Sunday morning, it'll wish you good luck throughout the month. But don't worry if you forget first thing! Rumour has it you can undo the bad juju by saying "Tibbar Tibbar"! Later, y'all! Be blessed!

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