Thursday, January 29, 2015

Give me a G!

Do me a favor, kiddos. After you've read this post, and after you have rolled your eyes and after you've sighed something along the lines of "yeah right, that'll never work!" as you close your computer and proceed to go about your day as usual...just take five minutes. Set a timer if you have to (I always do), and maybe find some nature sounds to play on your phone while you're at it (I like the White Noise Ambience app- particularly the "country meadow"). Close your eyes and try this:

If you're sitting in a chair, place your feet flat on the ground, no legs crossing or weird sitting positions. Place your hands on your knees, palms relaxed and facing up. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth for a few breaths. Keep your back comfortably straight. Your mind will wander all over the place. But after about 30 seconds (or 15 deep breaths give or take), imagine these letters being typed up in front of your minds eye:

G     R    A    T    I    T    U    D    E

Type them over and over again like in the movies when the camera zooms in on an old-fashioned typewriter, change the color, the font, have your mind scribble the word over and over again. Make piles of them in your mind, like a factory of this word. Then imagine the piles of words trembling to life and flying out of your line of vision, out of your house or office etc. and out into the world to find the people (and animals) you are grateful for. Imagine the words moving like a bird through the sky and soaring into the window of your best friend and seeing his or her face light up suddenly for no reason. Bet you smile. Imagine them floating in the window of your mother's kitchen as she has her first cup of coffee. Imagine them circling around your partner, child or happy little fur baby. Keep typing them. Send them out to strangers, to old friends you haven't seen in ages, to your mailman, or that nice cashier at Publix who always asks about your day because she remembers you work on your feet just like she does. Send them out to the people who are doing good in the world big and small. Send them all out except for one. Let that one circle over you and land on your shoulder gently. Then open your eyes.

I guarantee you will feel incredible after trying this. Do this as much as you can, change the imagery if that works for you, but keep that gratitude. Keep manufacturing and sending it out there. It totally works and I do it before bed sometimes, and when I do I always sleep better. It is but the work of a moment, but baby it feels so good.

I hope you have a truly wonderful day, and you know what? I'm grateful for you.

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