Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thoughts on staying in...

I am feeling so snuggly (i.e. lazy and not wanting to wear real clothes) lately. All I want to do is cosy up on the couch and watch Phryne Fisher Mysteries (I'm completely addicted) and shirk all grown-up responsibilities.

Now this may not seem connected, but believe me it is. I love a throw. Maybe because I'm the child of an interior designer and one of my first toys was a paint fan. But, I have at least four throws out in my house at any given point and I'm on the prowl for a couple more "grown up" ones for my one-day fully decorated (whatever that means) house and eventual decline into couch-bound murder mystery aficionado.

Here are some that I'm totally obsessed with at the moment:

Crazy fuzzy faux fur throw from Restoration Hardware. I'd have to keep this one away from the pups or they'll never cuddle with me again.

This super chunky throw would be right at home at the foot of my bed. Doesn't that look so wonderful to snuggle up with?!

Remember this one from last week? I want to nuzzle up with it and nap.

As winter is about to roll around, I get that "light a fire and stay home" kind of instinct. Maybe it's an ancient thing that still resides inside of me; but, I no longer associate this time of year with being out with people. Sixteen years of customer service during the holidays will do that I guess. Instead I want to have quality time with a handful of people, and not in the party sense. I used to love a holiday party and would go to a half dozen every year! Nowadays, I'd rather meet you for breakfast and chat for a little while. Actual quality time with no hors d'oeuvres toothpicks to try to find a place to throw away, no spanx ripping my stomach in half and no worrying about having to dodge conversations with people who don't fulfill you in order to scratch five minutes with your buddy in the corner while y'all pretend to be checking out their stereo system while he/she fills you in on the craziness going on in their lives. I can do that at New Year's! Right now I want a backyard fire in the fire pit, warm mugs of things to drink, comfort food, jammies, and movie marathons with the hubs- especially if we can be snuggling up cosy with one of these wonderful winter throws so my feet don't get cold.

Have a wonderful day, y'all!

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