Monday, December 15, 2014

Partying on, sans party!

How was your weekend, friends? Mine was long and much-needed. Now it's back to the old grind for this last holiday stretch. Sigh. It won't be that bad, but let me tell you that working retail during the holidays totally and completely blows. There are no holiday songs about the delight of complaining customers, grumpy husbands and everyone and their mother trying to do returns without receipts. Don't be one of those people, y'all! Ha!

Anyway, as a comfort meal before the drudgery truly begins, the hubs suggested something hilariously cute for dinner. Marinated "lil smokies"! It was such an "old-fashioned" idea and I was craving something different. I hadn't had them in years (and it seems it was always at a holiday party or football game) and I have to say its as so fun to rummage around for a recipe for them. Since the hubs and I both had a lot of piddling to do before setting out on the workweek, it was a perfect "eat as you go, whenever you're feeling peckish" kind of dinner.

I settled on a variation of this recipe (image above). It has the same basic three ingredients (tomato paste, brown sugar, and bourbon), but I added black pepper, salt, garlic and cayenne pepper flakes to taste. Delicious!!Holiday soirees aside, this was such a fun and simple little crockpot dinner, served with mashed potatoes and the intention of sautéed asparagus (though laziness may have taken me out on that one admittedly).

I hope you give it a try, because honestly, it's hard to be foul and anxious when you have a simmering pot of humorously small weenies bubbling before your eyes. So silly and so very good!

Have a wonderful day, friends!

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