Thursday, December 4, 2014

Post A-puzzle-ypse

A funny thing happened while me and my friend worked on our puzzle last night. After spells of chatting and spells of quiet, we both kind of basked in the therapeutic benefits of solving something. She and I have our own issues going on in our lives, our own struggles and have powered through with varying states of grace (her more so than me). However, we both looked up at various points to note that this puzzle-solving (or puzzling as she put it which reminds me of this) was a manifestation of the organization of our own thoughts in a physical form.

It was relaxing and challenging. We laughed and cussed and told stories. We shared trials (she was bit by one of the children she worked with and I think she may end up being patient zero for the zombie apocalypse) and work/friend/life gossip, yadda yadda. As you can see, we didn't finish the puzzle and we didn't expect to. But I think we both walked away feeling a little more peace, a little more clarity and a little more love and appreciation for our friendship.

Yay for puzzles!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

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