Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Try to keep up!

What are y'all up to tonight? I've got a very exciting dinner date planned with a girlfriend and we're going to...wait for it...DO A PUZZLE! The hubs and I will often play dominoes until the wee hours, but my lady friend and I were sitting around a few weeks ago exclaiming how we just never do puzzles anymore like we did when we were kids. That we really liked doing them back in the day and why the heck don't we do them anymore? We made a date for it and here it is!

 I had so much fun picking our puzzle out (I got this one) and I've been looking forward to this quiet little friend night for two weeks now!

We may not get very far on it (it's 1000 pieces and there will be wine involved), but still- it's so wonderfully simple and pleasant and lovely. Lovely company too.

Do you ever have quiet little nights like that with your friends? I'd love to know! It used to be a regular thing with my girlfriends (maybe not puzzles, but quiet dinner and Q-time) but everyone seems to have scattered the the winds of matrimony or kids or different cities or just plain busy-ness.

I plan on enjoying every second tonight.

I truly hope you have a wonderful day (and night), y'all!

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