Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Happies!

Betty White. She looks like my grandma when she was young here.

Happy Friday y'all! I surely hope your week has been lovely. Mine started out super slow but got crazy toward the end. I actually have the weekend off too, which feels so amazing. I don't even know where to begin with it! The hubs just finished welding school for the semester so we kind of just stared at each other last night until we remember that Newsroom started back up again! We're old.
Anyway, here are some happies, funs & pretties to kick off your particular weekend of wonder! Enjoy, y'all!!

*Seventeen stunning shots of celebrities when they were younger. It shows how good taste never goes out of style!

*This made me laugh out loud. In the winter, anyone can be a breakdancer!

*How did I not see this when it first came out?! Jimmy Fallon versus the Parks & Rec cast in a Glee-esque sing & dance-off!

*What do y'all think of the new color of 2015, "Marsala"? It's a ruddy burgundy, and other than make me a little hungry, I think it's kinda pretty. I like that Lonny did a "what goes with" article though, because it is an atypical shade to focus on. I still like it.

*I just love bottlebrush trees. They immediately evoke nostalgia for me.

*I thought this guy's story and charities were really cool. They all benefit young girls and women. Really neat stuff, check it out here.

*The side of motherhood we aren't prepared to discuss. I was actually surprised by what that side really was. It's a good read.

*Aw! This lady is so cute!

*Lately I've been really missing Big Pine Key, Florida. We went there for a wedding several years back and loved it. The key deer tried to go home with the hubs. Anywho, I went looking around online to feed my craving and found their home page, for Big Pine Key. And it's awesome and hilarious!! Staghorn ferns for sale and a poem about Bob's barricades? So good. It now just makes me miss it even more!! I can't wait to go back again!

*This winter green soup sounds so delicious!!!

*As if I had anywhere to wear this! I still totally love it.

*Y'all, I really like Sturgill Simpson. 

*I'm not one for sweety sweets, but this recipe sounds really amazing!

*This is something I do in private, but am clearly not clever enough to do anything with. Therefore, I love this "We Never Met" instagram. So charming and wry!

*Bon Appetit, you nailed it! Sometimes you do really just want something shiny! Gimme!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

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