Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Happies!

Well, the weeks are going by so fast now. What have you got planned for this weekend? I will be finishing up all things holiday before working like a dog during the week of Christmas. Fun. Anyway! Here's this week's list of funs, pretties, & happies to move you steadfastly into a lovely weekend! I hope you enjoy!!

*Guidelines for book lovers (the hubs and I have seriously half of one room devoted to our growing collection- it fights with the growing minimalist in me).

*In case you missed my post on 9 Kisses. I just love the whole idea!

*Y'all I love a magnifying glass. And small binoculars. Always have. Yet I own neither. One of these on a mantle (when I someday have a mantle) would be awesome! I like the tall one best. Or the eye. I can't make up my mind!

*This made me laugh out loud. A new mom recorded her kid screwing with her while she "tried to sleep". Apparently nap time just isn't an option for anyone present. It's so funny!

*Don't read this if you don't want to sniffle a little with happy-cry-sniffles.

*I absolutely adore this faux fawn throw. Say that three times fast. I want it in my snuggly cozy house I don't have yet; on my nice, clean, reupholstered sofa I don't have yet, in front of a roaring fireplace I don't have yet. Sigh. But it will be mine, oh yes! It will be mine!

*Did y'all see the time capsule from post-Revolutionary Massachusetts uncovered this week? Paul Revere and Samual Adams both had a hand in its creation. Cool! I love historical and anthropological stuffs!!

*I don't know if you noticed this awesome water bottle from my post the other day, but it's so damn pretty I had to post it again!

*I've had this song stuck in my head for days now. It's your turn. Yes, that's the actor with the one wooden eye from Pirates of the Caribbean. I kinda have a weird crush on him.

*I love a "Just Because"!

*This was interesting. Seven food trends to watch in 2015. Would you try maple or cactus water? I just might!

*How refreshing! Holiday decorating ideas that don't make me want to barf.

*Sausage balls recipe from Garden & Gun. Dang! Those sound good!

*I love this charming post from my mom's blog, Firefly Evenings. Even the name of the blog is cute!

*I'm a February baby, so I love hearts. This would be cute framed in a small powder room or on a nursery wall.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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