Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Y'all, I crunched some numbers. I wanted to see how much money the hubs and I have spent on eating out and cocktails this year. Wow. Remember your Mama always saying "don't ask a question if you don't want to hear the answer"? Um yeah.

If you go looking for stink, you're gonna find some shit, people. And that's the dern truth.

I won't disclose the amount. Don't want to be tackier than I already am. However, a light has certainly been turned onto some habits built during a deep emotional low that have been continued out of habit or feeling like "I deserve it". Time to plug those holes in the dam, so I can manifest some really good changes in my life, y'all! Now that's a need not a want.

Seriously though, it was very sobering (ironically) to realize that that money spent could have paid off 44% of our current debt. 44%!!!!!!!!! Whaaaaaaaat?! Ouch.

A moment of silence please.

Now I know it isn't realistic to assume we (as humans with human friends and things to do and celebrate) would not go out at all for a year. However, I think it is more than entirely feasible to trim that nonsense back by a hefty percentage!

I've got a goal for the new year (but starting this very moment) to quell that negligent spendy spendy craziness. What do you do to keep from blowing wads of cash in dribs and drabs? Do you do anything at all or is it free willy all the time? I'd love to know- for real, yo. I don't ever want to feel that pit in my stomach again. Whew lordy, no!

Have a lovely and budget-friendly day, y'all!

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