Monday, November 17, 2014

A stormy, snuggly day...

Hang on to your ruby slippers, y'all! It's a tornado-riddled Monday down here in the deep ole dirty South with temperatures dipping into the twenties (after the low 70's yesterday)! I love a cold and stormy day myself and have all kinds of projects planned for the few precious hours I have after work tonight. I thought, since it's one of those days that reminds me of "storm days" in elementary school where you get to play cards or heads-up 7-up, that I'd share some fun, cosy  & stormy day inspirations with you. I hope you like, and stay safe out here!

I found this uber snuggly throw in a random Eddie Bauer catalog as I was purging and shredding paperwork this weekend. I have been daydreaming about owning one since! I personally love the plaid and especially the eggplant! And guess what?! It's on sale for half off!!!

Nothing like a belly-warming meal on a night like this! This would be perfect. 

The threat of a power outage has passed, however, it is super fun to light a bunch of candles, turn the lights off and play a game when it's funky and cold out. I like this colorful take on "Jenga" (though that's a copyrited name and it's actually called "tumbling tower blocks"- we all know the truth).

It's always nice to have something to read as you're curled up next to a crackling fire (I don't have a fireplace, but I do have an obscene amount of these). That said, I'd love to be digging into this. 

I thought this was a nice article too (on creating a sanctuary at home) and apropos for pre-Winter prep.

Have a cosy day!

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