Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Happies!

*I listen to this song at least three times a day. It makes me so happy. I've been a big fan of Brett Dennen for nearly a decade now and he just keeps getting better. His feel good, well-written, quirky and often wry music always makes me feel up for an adventure. Dig that this record was made in my hometown of Nashville, TN and dig the 70's vibe in the video too.

*My feet have been so cold lately.  I could use these! I'd feel like a Scandinavian princess!

*This is a need, not a want!!!

*I absolutely love this tunic! I'd wear it with gold heels, leggings, a turtleneck and gold dangly earrings!

*I love this beautiful magnolia leaf wreath. It's so simple and Southern and lovely.

*I have a pretty casual style. Mama always said "never leave the house wearing something you'd be embarrassed to run into Mam-maw & Uncle Snap in". Mam-maw and Uncle Snap were my great-grandparents, and though they are both gone now, I still keep this in mind. That being said, I am a devout fan of nice, cozy loungewear- but it stays at home for lounging! It gives me something decadent to look forward to after a long day of dealing with annoying customers and when I am out, I don't ever have to worry about being schlumpy or too casual. All of this is to say, I kind of adore these slouchy pants by Parc Boutique. But they stay at home...

*Great article on actress Joy Bryant and her beautiful home. She seems like she'd be someone you could end up sharing a private joke with about some crazy misadventure.

*Have you ever played King Kubb? I think I'd like to try!

*I think I'm going to make some of these as gifts this year. Or just for my container garden.

*And now, something just weird and funny for you to enjoy.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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