Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Affirmation

I love this idea. I try to go the extra mile in a lot of ways and I fail at it in others, but its a lovely statement, and its true. I've watched countless people work hard to be lazy; going out of their way doing three times the work so they don't have to do what they think is actual "work". It's exhausting. Just doing a little bit more for others, for work, cleaning your house etc., it really isn't that hard. And let me tell you, it feels awesome to do a damn good job and especially when you meet other people who like to go the extra mile too. It's like a secret club. People who go above and beyond. It's rewarding and it's lovely.

How will you go the extra mile today? What will you make with this idea?

Have a truly wonderful day, y'all!

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