Wednesday, September 24, 2014

No act of kindness, no matter how small...

It's Wednesday y'all. Lord, have I had the longest week already! Yesterday all kinds of crazy found me. I'm sure part of it is my fault for letting it find me (or paying the piper, so to speak). But man! I was a ball of stress/grumpiness/exhaustion/frustration. I wanted to vent and be a piss-ant. I wanted to drink a bottle of wine and eat peanut butter for dinner (sometimes being a grown up is awesome). I wanted to run away from everything that was pissing me off. You know, like healthy people do, right? Geesh.

I sat down at my computer to work on today's post, and laughed out loud (well, kind of snort-chuckled). I was sitting down to compile a list of people, organizations, animals etc. that could use whatever help they can get, and I've been bitching and whining and being a butt about little things that are so super controllable. I embarrassed myself, frankly. Remember when I said this blog is just as much for me as it is for everyone who reads it? Yeah, that's the big time truth.

So, I took a little extra time to find more folks to help. It made my heart feel better and maybe it can help theirs too. Here we go!

*Remember the Semolina Superhero fundraiser (the smallest American pasta company) from a few weeks ago? Well, thanks to everyone that contributed, they made their goal!! Yaaaay!! While we're at it, let's help Clark Theriot publish a Cajun-Vegan cookbook! Sounds fantastic!

*An 11 year old developed an IV pediatric backpack for kids with cancer. They're almost to their goal (only $4000 to go!!). Check out the video here!

*Help fund Thor's (the cat) surgery!! They're almost to their goal (only $40 away)!

*Spread hope through dance for Rwandan street children!

*Wow! Check this out! American Sanctuary Association has tons of great accredited American animal sanctuaries to choose from! The Forest Animal Rescue has my attention (the post about Blizzard had my waterworks a-going).

Any organizations or charities you like to give to? I'd love to know! Remember, even just $5 can make a huge difference for so many. And as for me and my mood and perspective...changed for the better.

I hope you have a truly wonderful day.

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