Thursday, September 25, 2014

Love thy Home...Love Thyself

I've wanted to live more simply for a while now. I got this idea years ago from this book, Scaling Down (check it out here, it's a great read). It's all about making your home the equivalent of a vacation house. Everything you need and nothing more. It's a brilliant idea and I strive for it. I've spent years wading through inherited furniture, tchotchkes etc. etc. I've had disposable goodies, purchased for fun or whimsy that fell apart after a few uses that had to be tossed away or donated. I don't want that anymore. I want simplicity. I want quality. I want my home to feel peaceful. I want it to be my sanctuary, my safe place. That's the self love message I wanted to spread today. To create for yourself a beautiful, safe, peaceful and simple sanctuary is a truly lovely thing to do for yourself and your psyche. It shows a certain respect for your needs more so than you may realize. It certainly has me eyeing that pile of laundry on the floor with a reedy and discerning expression (crinkled nose included).

So, this is what I'm going to do this week to make it happen for myself:

*I'm going to pack away the multiples of dishes/glassware and silverware. I don't need 14 table settings and 19 glasses in my cabinet. I need 2-4 at the absolute most. The rest will be packed away safely for the next awesome party I throw (December maybe?), or in case I break any (more) of my dishes by accident.

*I'm getting rid of two large cardboard boxes worth of clothes we don't wear, books we don't read, yadda yadda yaddas etc. I've got half a box started already. Now to fill it the rest of the way up.

*Old towels. Bye  bye (they're going to protect the dishes). I need to replace those grody ole things anyhow. Plus I have like 30,000 towels of varying descents in my closet and quite frankly I'm tired of trying to be the Tetris Grand Master every time I put laundry away in my mouse hole of a linen closet (first world situation, I'm aware).

*Plastic bags. Screw plastic bags. I hate them so much and I don't throw around the "H" word very often. I'm taking a huge bag of plastic bags to my local grocery store where there is a recycling bin just for grocery store bags! You'd be surprised at how good that feels.

*Pretties that I love that I don't use no matter how much I love them. This is a challenging category, but it's the test of my ovarian fortitude. I love pretties and littles. I have no place to store/display them and I truly detest the concept of dusting all of them. It's time, friends. From beautiful pashminas, to jewelry I don't wear, figurines from my Grandmother etc. Ouch. It's true, but it's time. I'll keep the few I love the most and let go (probably solemnly) of the rest.

What will you do to make your home like a vacation home? Would you want to live more simply? Any secrets you want to share? I'd love to know! I'll keep y'all posted on the outcome!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

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