Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Happies!

Well y'all, it's Friday! It's time for fun and links to all things fun, escapey, entertaining, or pretty. I have one day off (today) and am plowing through work the rest of the weekend, but I still hope you are entertained and delighted and have a wonderful and peaceful weekend. Here's the list!

*This awesome Photo booth-style picture showing a couple laughing. It is so rare to see smiling faces in old pictures because you had to stay still for so long to get the picture to come out right. Every time I see this on the ole interwebs it makes me smile.

*I love funny dogs. Enough said.

*I don't know when it started, but I've developed an odd love of wreaths.  I think its due to me rapidly progressing into my 30's. That is such a weird sentence for me to write and then read. Good grief. Well, I have so there. The ones from Terrain are so gorgeous it's ridiculous. I imagine having this beauty brightening my icky front door.

* It's getting to be that time of decade when I replace my beloved boots. These have definitely caught my eye for Fall.

*Speaking of Fall, I love sunflowers. Especially unusual ones. I found this great site, High Mowing Seeds, that has organic, non-Monsanto sunflower seeds. I love the Velvet Queen and am completely intrigued by the Italian White! For my future garden. Sigh.

*This Edamame Trail Mix looks fantastic. I must try it! I'll have to figure out how to do the dehydrating with my oven for I do not have miscellaneous kitchen appliances on principle (see this post).

*Remember Carly Jacobs, that lady that was doing silly things to get a bus for the special needs students at the school where she teaches? She made the goal!! Here's a reminder of her cause, what a lovely success!

*Moonlight Mile, a candle. It sounds so romantic and lovely. Perfect for this Autumn weather creeping in.

*Lizzie Velasquez, a role model who speaks against bullying. Awesome young lady!

*Yum times ten! Ginger sesame fried eggs for breakfast. This is totally how I roll.

*How about 35 GIFs of Individuals Who Really Did Nail It. Celebrate successes, amiright?!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day & weekend!

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