Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Meditation

The sunset at the "lake" where I live.

Hello friends! Fall is officially here, and though it is still mighty warm outside, the breezes have been kicking up and pale yellow leaves have begun to swirl to the ground. It is my absolute favorite time of year. It makes me feel so alive and energetic. Everything seems a bit more magical. The slow, dark mornings and the blazing sunsets. Oh it's just fantastic! And don't get me started on pumpkins! Pumpkins are my favorite thing, I always joke that they are my spirit animal.

Today (or this weekend) take some time to experience the season in its infancy. Feel the cool morning  (you may even need a sweater, yay!) turn into a warm afternoon. Find a lovely place to sit and just be out in it. Don't get on your phone, or read a book (save that for later). Instead, really watch, smell, feel, and listen to this early Autumn. Feel the pleasant warmth of the afternoon turn chilly as the sunset fades.
There are already pumpkins for sale at the hardware store!

Autumn is a bountiful time, I've heard it described as Nature's big blowout party before Winter. I like that. It does have a pleasant frenzy to it. A triumphant rager before things grow quiet and still in the cold months ahead. The trees' colors are ablaze (or will be very soon), the wind whips up little tiny cyclones of leaves (I love when that happens), people dress cozily and food gets particularly awesome (hearty soups, roasted root veggies, rich and savory, yummy warm deliciousness). It really is special.

Get out in it and breathe it in. Each time you do, notice how Summer is fading gracefully away. It's breathtaking really, as Autumn sweeps in. Be present with that today. Enjoy it. Be calm and peaceful.

I hope y'all have a wonderful day (and weekend!).

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