Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Small Sanctuaries

Image from BHG.com

I love love gardens and plants. I however, have never really lived in an apartment conducive to growing them. Small yards (destroyed by my two dogs), windows with little or extremely dim light... Argh! And yet, I'm always perusing Pinterest for more inspirations on my future gardens and ways to make the best of my current situation. I have a small succulent garden on the teeny weeny windowsill in my kitchen. It is about all I can finagle at the time. I glean a lot of peace from my miniature garden. I have a tendency to meditate there for small stolen moments. I often look out to the night sky and look for the moon, or watch the rain hit the glass. Sometimes, if I'm being a good girl, I watch the sun come up and drink a warm mug of lemon water. It's important to have a place for peace and a sanctuary. So, for some fun littles today, I thought I'd share some cool ways to have a garden space inside your home and some inspirations for your yard, if you have one or just want to dream of one.

 Try to cull a small sanctuary for yourself. Even one little herb plant or flower will do the trick. Connecting to nature even in a tiny way can have a hugely soothing affect on your psyche and in how you approach your day. It can ease anxiety and help you gather yourself before a heavy work day or a big test. Make for yourself a peaceful place. You deserve it.

*A garden made of ladles!

*Where I'd spend the morning alone and the evenings with my loved ones.

*This one made me laugh. Fire escape plant shelf!

*A tabletop succulent garden how-to. 

*Oooh! A tabletop water garden! I love this idea!!

*One way my itty bitty backyard could have some impact! While you're at it, my Garden board on Pinterest. I seriously escape to it for inspiration all the time!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day.

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