Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Every little thing...

Image courtesy of Ocala Style

How is your week going, friends? Need a pick-me-up? Perhaps you are looking for a way to manifest some good in your life? As I mentioned last week, sometimes the best way to do that is by bringing good into someone else's world. Take some time to peruse these organizations and charities. You may find something that speaks to you, or perhaps it will spring something to mind in your own neighborhood that you can help. Remember, even just $5 can make a difference in someone's day and life or the life of an animal. Isn't that wonderful? I think so. I know several of these got my dollars this week!

*Animal Abuse Defense Registry. A way to make sure adopted animals are going to a safe home. I love that idea.

*Help rebuild Broadway Lights Dance Center in Gulf Breeze, Florida. It was nearly destroyed by heavy storms. How can you resist those little ballerina tutus?!

*A way to help "decision-makers" chart recovery in the Gulf of Mexico. I'm a Gulf Coast girl, and the ecosystems here are stunning, however they have suffered so much. This would be a cool way to give back.

*On that note, save our manatees! I love manatees. I want to hug them and if I ever get to be an eccentric billionaire, I will create a huge manatee sanctuary and bob around in the water with them for hours trying to steal hugs from these sweet creatures. I know one is not supposed to harass the wildlife, but they're just so lovely and an important part of their ecosystem. I physically have to hold back the hugs!!

*Help make sure no child goes to bed hungry. A big feat, but a noble one! Feed the children.

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

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