Monday, August 11, 2014

Little Things

Image courtesy of my awesome Pinterest board.

Last week I talked about a few of my little victories in life. It's nothing earth-shattering, however, those little victories add up to so much change so very quickly, it can be astounding! Here is a handful of mine this week, reminders that not all is lost if you slip up here and there (and have that third glass of wine- hiccup!)

*I was having a blue day. Shit happens, you know? Weird dreams partnered with a wicked sinus headache. I knew I was going to be working with someone on the job that has been a psychic and emotional drain lately. I let the negativity in a little bit; but on the way to work, I gave myself a pep talk. I literally quoted myself from this blog to myself. Weird? Maybe. I need this blog just as much as anyone else reading. Anyway- I got into work and I fought the negativity. It took a lot more effort because I had already let it in, but I did it smile after smile. Mantra after mantra, I plowed through eight hours of needy clients and stayed positive. Even when two clients insulted me several times, by the time they left I had them smiling and telling me to "stay fun". I'd say that's a victory- and I didn't feel like wadded up street garbage by the time I got off work either. Huzzah! Oh- and that co-worker I was worried about? She was inexplicably in a good mood all day...huh! Wonder why?

*I ignored a few negativity traps. Do you know what these are? I bet you do. You can almost sense a set up for them, particularly when you are trying to practice peace and positivity. A co-worker asks: "How're you doing today?" and you can hear it in their voice that they want to complain when you turn around and say "Fine, how are you?". Instead of falling into one of those, I decided to say "FANTASTIC!" or "I'm really doing well! How about you? I bet your night off was wonderful!". It disarmed the negativity traps and forced them to attempt to make more pleasant small talk. I've been a beast of negativity in these situations in the past, using my sarcasm to bitch about this or that because I didn't like my job (or this or that or another thing). Of' course there are the ones who will say, "HORRIBLE. Everything went wrong!". In those cases, I find its best and easiest to say something along the lines of: "Oh that's a shame! I hope that you have a much better day today." or simply smile and say: "I'm sorry to hear that." and walk away. The best way to remove a negativity monster from your presence is to starve it. Don't play with them. Those bastards bite, and they are venomous. Truck on like a boss with positivity shooting out from your fingers and toes and smile!!

*I didn't buy the thing. My husband and I are on a budget. Well, der- everyone is these days. But I've got a plan. A nest egg plan and a debt-free plan. I'm a bit of a terrier about these things usually but haven't been for a few years because Depression and Dionysus blessed me heartily with an exhausted set of coping mechanisms and deep love of pleasure and wine and good food (Oh yeah, and laziness). When I'm bored at work or running late, or tired on my way home I'll often stop and pick up a thing. A quick-fix lunch, a wine or beer, a dinner out when I don't feel like cooking, a thing I don't need but just feel I deserve. I didn't buy the thing this week! Well, in full disclosure, I did twice (beer for the hubs- but I did that on the cheap so, snaps!). But twice out of the potential of possibly 19 times (and way more monies). That's pretty great. I saved beaucoup bucks. I didn't feed the shame spiral of spending more than I should or regretting this or that. Just that will help me feel stronger and more capable and confident for the upcoming week! I'll take that 89% success rate instead of the 11% not-failing rate, yes sir'ee.

 Did you have any little victories this week? I'd love to know, please share below!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day, y'all. Cheers!


  1. I have been forcing myself to excerise everyday. Even if it is just a little bit to get my heart rate up. I'm trying to starve my negativity monster too!! And you know what? It has started to work! I feel stronger and healthier. It off sets the sleep dep and makes me jazzed about my day :-)

  2. That's so awesome! It really just takes doing a little bit every day for yourself to make a huge difference!! I've been doing the 100-calorie burn circuit as my minimum every day and in a week I can already see/feel the difference! Keep up the awesome work!!!