Sunday, August 17, 2014

Poison-Free Sunday!

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It will happen inevitably. Someone will make a snarky comment aimed to hurt you. Most of the time, if you work at it, you can learn to deflect these things. A comment on your job performance, weight, looks, laugh, feet, family! It's all up for grabs for "mean" people to try to bring you down, it seems. The reality is, in an attempt to distract from their own issues (which are most likely far worse then they are even trying to make you feel) they sling negativity around to see what sticks. Some don't realize they're doing it on a conscious level. That's sad (and all too familiar in my experiences).

But, it's still a bit sick and I've known so many of these people. At one point or another we've all been that person too. Ugh, it's embarrassing to admit. However, take some time today to really evaluate who it is that is throwing the proverbial spaghetti noodles against the wall (if it's you, then that's a whole other post, stay tuned!). Who is it, and why the hell are you listening to them? What power do you allow them to actually have over you?

And once you look at them objectively and see where their bile comes from, it is easier to release the anger they made (or attempted to make) you feel. The self-doubt too. Let it go, knowing that no one, NO ONE, is allowed the power to control the way you feel about yourself except you. Even if they are a parent, a spouse, a sibling, best friend, coworker or acquaintance. Really, no one is allowed to do that to you. You control how they make you feel.

Don't lose those sixty seconds of happiness. It's human to get angry, of course, but don't let someone dominate you with cruelty. Don't drink their poison. Be kind to yourself. Be kind and/or civil to them.  Establish and know your boundaries. Let them go, fill that space with affirming thoughts and fun things to do and be. Pretty soon, you'll be too busy living a fulfilling life to let the bastards get you down.

May you have a truly wonderful Sunday!

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