Monday, August 10, 2015

Guess what I did this weekend?


I got IV hydration from this clinic in town! I know! It's sounds sketchy, but it isn't. It's a lounge of eight or so leather recliner chairs, two televisions, and 45 minutes of relaxing while getting an IV of electrolyte fluids.

I had heard about this being done almost a decade ago. It stuck in my mind though I thought it was completely insane. Then last year, the ThIVe Hydration clinic opened in my little town and slowly but surely I started thinking about it in a new light. Especially because it has been a rather hot Summer and I never feel as if I'm really hydrated enough.

Cue to two weeks ago when two friends I had told about it tried it and were total converts! "I slept so well!" One of them told me.

"My skin looks and feels so much better." The other one said.

So Sunday, the hubs and I booked two leather chairs (and watching Coming to America- classic) while we got our little IV's. Mine hurt a little bit, but IV's always pinch a little on my teeny veins. The hubs was fine though.

Afterward we kept trying to figure out if we felt any different. And the funny thing is- we did! I could feel it internally. Little aches from being chronically dehydrated weren't as noticeable and we both were a little hyper and weirdly, rather giddy too.

That's right! We had more energy, felt a little silly and giggled a lot more than we usually do as we ran errands.

Will I do it again? Honestly? I probably will. It felt nice to be topped off in the fluids department. Like a car. Oh! And we slept really well too. Now, it's $50 a pop if you don't have a membership, so it won't be a regular thing, but it was worth it for sure.

Would you try it? I'd love to know!

P.S. This post is not sponsored by ThrIVe Hydration.

Have a truly wonderful day!