Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer Readin'

Hey y'all! What are you reading these days? I tell you, this summer, I've been devouring books. I think I've probably read about a half dozen. Here are some of my favorites!

Blackbird House. Usually I don't care for Alice Hoffman's writings as much as anyone who knows me would think I would. But, there is something about this book that is wondrous and strange and lovely.

Bad Monkey. Sent to me by my sweet buddy in D.C. with whom I have a homemade mail-order book club with. I laughed so hard, so many times. It makes me want to go back to Big Pine Key again and drink out of a coconut while the hubs lets Key deer walk all over him. So good and irreverent!

Telling the Bees. It starts great. Gets slow. Gets slower. Then boom! The action picks up and your fondness for the main character grows. Interesting interesting book. The descriptors seem a little vague at first due to the subtleties of the authors choices until you suddenly realize what a careful tapestry has been woven and you feel transported to each place and time. It's really something. It surprised me, actually.

State of Wonder. Another mail-order book club specimen. Much like Telling the Bees, it has its slower moments and then boom! Action and odd twists and turns. I'd love to know what you think of the ending too. My buddy and I had a great time talking about it.

This One and Magic Life. Oh de-lolly do I love a good magical realism book. This one doesn't overdo it, but it is heady and lyrically fragrant (that may not make sense, but you'd probably agree after reading). The ending is just terrific too. So my kind of ending! Also, Anne Carroll George wrote a series of hilarious Southern murder mysteries that I provably wouldn't have picked up otherwise but have devoured since my Mom gave them to me. Excellent and so funny!

Now I'm beginning The Girl on the Train. I have heard mixed review, so I'm super intrigued to see where I land on it.

What have you been reading? I'd love to know!


  1. I do love an Alice Hoffman book! You are a voracious reader....

  2. I come from voraciously well-read stock!