Thursday, June 4, 2015

Plated Experiment #2, or Lu's Adventures with Pork Banh Mi

Happy Thursday, y'all! I have another Plated experiment for you. So, I had no idea going into this thing what the heck Pork Banh Mi is. I was a little intimidated because I have never cooked anything remotely Vietnamese and my husband is a particular fan of the cuisine, as he hails from Biloxi. Well, it's basically a meatball sub but instead of tomato sauce and cheese it has basil, sriracha, herbs and an onion (or shallot) jam. It's delicious!


So this is how it all arrived...

Me chopping away while watching Game of Thrones (those horrible White Walkers!).

The pork meatballs after they came out of the oven. Sidenote, I loved how simple this was to make. It was a really quick meal to put together. I'm going to serve it with sweet potato fries or garlic broccoli next time.

The shallot jam. Now here is the only thing I would Lulu-ify here. It needed a bit more sweetness to round out the intensity of the lime, and sriracha. So, when I make this again, and I will, I will tweak that recipe a little bit. 

I'll also not serve it on buns as I'm just not a bread-eater anymore and it was the only thing about it I didn't enjoy or finish.

Perhaps I'll figure out a way to make it more of an appetizer or serve it on skewers with the basil and mint and carrot...gotta think on that a little.

The blurry picture of the recipe card...things were getting heavy on Game of Thrones, sorry!

My finished product with a "prop" beer so it could look like the photograph a little more. Oh, and it was  an Abita Seersucker, if you wanted to know. Delicious!

And here I am, Miss Cheesecake 2015. Don't mind the exercise equipment in the background or the red face either. I'd just had a stellar workout. Thankyouverymuch!

All in all, it's a total keeper, but needed tweaks to suit our palettes better. As I am trying to break my endless desire to tweak every recipe ever, I did make it exactly how the recipe said. Progress, right?

I would recommend something like this during the summer especially because it is light for a meatball sandwich and the Thai basil and mint work very nicely instead of the American go-to of lettuce on a sandwich.

Would you try it?!

Have a truly wonderful day!!

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