Monday, June 1, 2015

Plated Experiment #1

Hey y'all! Last week I was feeling a bit unorganized and an email popped up directing me to the food delivery service, Plated. I had a discount code so I browsed their weekly menu and selected three dishes to try this week.

What is Plated? Well, it is a really cool site that creates a menu every week. You select what meals you would like delivered and it comes as a serving for two pre-measured with comic strip-style directions.

Last week we ordered Tamarind Chicken with vegetable "fried rice", Salmon with Asparagus, Charred Lemons and Couscous and Vietnamese Pork Buns. I waited all week with baited breath for this package to arrive and it did this Saturday!

The first recipe we made was the Salmon. Here's how it went!

My beautifully photographed recipe cards.

My not as beautifully photographed ingredients.

Nothing against the Hellman's they sent us for the mustard sauce, but Duke's is all we use in our house.

Mustard sauce with thyme and lemon zest. So yummy!

Browning the couscous (I know, not Paleo, but there aren't a tremendous amount of Paleo options, my only complaint).

Seasoned Salmon cooking away. Doesn't that look good?!

Charring the lemons and cooking the asparagus.

So what do y'all think? It turned out pretty and just like the picture!

All in all, I'd say it was a rousing success. The flavors were great, the directions were simple and the recipe says it serves two, but we had a serving leftover for the hubs' lunch the next day.  I can't wait to try the other recipes. I think we'll start picking one or two a week (it keeps me more organized so I don't go to the grocery store and waste money on food I don't prepare).

Would you guys try something like this? It was a little out of my comfort zone and I felt a wee bit silly ordering food, but I"m glad I tried it. Oh, and this post is in no ways sponsored by Plated. I just like it.

Have a wonderful day y'all!!


  1. It looks fantastic honey!!! I am glad it was delicious , it certainly looks it. How do you find these things?