Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Happies, the Expanded Edition

A beautiful pink morning. 

Whew lawdy! What a week, y'all. I've been trucking along at work, celebrated a birthday, worked some more, and have been all the while trying to get moved into the new apartment (slow and steady wins the race). This weekend its...well, it's more of the same but I'm going to try to throw some brunch in there somewhere too.

Since I was a loon last week and didn't post our Friday Happies, I've compiled a big, fat, juicy list for today. Here we go!!

*I'm intrigued by gal (Caroline) who has been helping write A Cup of Jo over the past few months. Check out her apartment, it makes me feel a wee bit ashamed that I'm around the same age and have done far less with my apartment (or career) while also being simultaneously inspired to do even more to the new place we're moving into!

*This 40 second video has already saved the lives of 36 babies! Woah.

*I don't have a functioning fireplace, but if I did... I would have this.

*Ten tips for a more mindful home! I'm seriously in need of some more mindfulness these days (what with all the self-inflicted chaos).

*This made me giggle.

*I really like this house. A lot!

*I think this is the prettiest little necklace, and I've always wanted to have something with a moonstone on it.

*Heck yeah! Golden Girls legos?! Vote here!

*While we're on the subject of dynamic women...there's a chance to vote to put a woman on the $20 bill in honor of the passing of the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote. I vote Tubman or Killman! LET'S VOTE!

*A little organization porn for you guys..."How I simplified & organized my house, room by room".

*In that same vein, this book sounds pretty rad too! I want it so bad, I have a feeling I've already linked to it here at some point.

*Did y'all see this? A woman found 50 pearls in an oyster!

*I thought this was so sweet. A letter to the Trader Joe's Employee Who Noticed My Family.

*Every time I mention meditation to someone they say "I could never do that, I can't sit still or my mind always wanders"...well duh. That's why you should meditate, dude! Here's a practical guide to start meditating every day!

*I just want to spend a day going through this blog.

*A 1,000 year old medical remedy was transcribed detailing a possible cure for MRSA. Wow!! MRSA is so scary!

*I adore this whimsical Easter/Spring table from Lonny. It's so...Seussical!

*I squealed when I found this. I don't know how it avoided my radar for so long. Elvis Costello and the Beastie Boys perform Radio Radio. So rad!

*I love that this weather forecaster handled her online bullies on air! And you know what they were bullying her about? Being pregnant. Good for you, Kristi!

*I don't know if y'all are addicted to the sorta soap opera-y show Nashivlle...but I am. I just love when Gunnar and Scarlett sing and this week's episode did not disappoint.  Check it out, so ethereal and kinetic!

Have a great weekend y'all!!! I'll be back on Wednesday!

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