Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gossip Fast Results!

Sorry about yesterday, guys! Sometimes a gal has just gotta sleep! The time change has thrown me off more than I expected and I spent two nights worrying about whether or not to rent an apartment the hubs and I looked at (we decided not to). However, yesterday I was supposed to fill y'all in on my Gossip Fast!

Well, I'd have to say I'd give myself a B. It's super hard to turn a conversation away from gossip when the people you are around 40 hours a week really want to gossip. A few even asked if I was feeling okay because I was trying so hard to skate around gossip. Ha! I guess that's a success! Anyway, here's my little breakdown (which I'm pretty sure no one but me cares about but hey! I read this every day too).

Thursday: A, I redirected someone gossiping at work to talk about nice things about that person instead, but it was more challenging than I thought!

Friday: C, This kinda fell within the parameters of "if they heard me, I would feel bad." It wasn't gossip, but opinions. However it still didn't feel good and there was no helpful reason for me to express those opinions.

Saturday: B, rocked it out at work and afterward. Minus one comment about someone a friend of mine was about to start working with.

Sunday: A, and it was a really nice day too.

Monday: B, did a good job but could have done better.

Tuesday: C, chatted with a friend and it snowballed a teeny bit and I sounded a bit gossipy. Also, made fun of an ex-boyfriend and felt bad about it immediately. I don't know why I try to make people laugh when I'm nervous. It's so frustrating!

Wednesday: A, did a good job! Didn't say anything I wouldn't have been embarrassed if someone overhead what I said and redirected gossip at work to positive stuff!

All in all, I need to work harder at it, but I made progress. It's incredible how gossip is so deeply woven into conversations. Multiple times a day at work I heard people saying something about other people. Even just passersby. It was a bit daunting to witness, and heaven knows what they say about me... The point is I want a more positive life and I will work hella harder to make my part of it more positive. What are you going to do?

Have a truly wonderful day!

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