Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Happies!

Y'all this week...ugh. I've been working my hiney off to stay positive and stay on track lemme tell ya. Whew lordy! Well, y'all know what day it is! It's time for this weeks list of happies, pretties, interestings and what-nots to usher you into your weekend with a smile on your face! Here we go!

*Slang from all over the country! My favorite is the one about the kittens in the oven- whuh?

*We got gators down here. Don't believe me? Just watch!

*These Molasses Clove Cookies sound divine. DIVINE I say!

*In case you missed it, a "visual story" I made called Lazy Sunday Morning. 

*I love this photo project. It makes me want to clean my purse out (in a good way)!

*Ten tips for a more mindful home. I love it!

*I am kinda obsessed with Foodiggety.

*Did y'all catch Alabama Shakes on SNL two weeks ago? Man oh man. That band is good and that girl can SANG!!

And another one because they're seriously one of my favorite bands.

*This is absolutely my new favorite show. I watched the entire season two nights ago. I couldn't stop. She's so positive and well- unbreakable. Plus I love that the theme song came from them auto-tuning the news. It's like 30 Rock (because the Fey produces it), but with way more heart.

*I'm really enjoying Ella's blog, Deliciously Ella. She changed her diet and her life when diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I love the things she comes up with.

*Did y'all see the huge swatch of seabed that had these naturally occurring metal spheres in it? So weird! Our planet is so incredible!!!

*Apparently men in the UK think heterosexual women want something very different in a man than they actually do!! It's comical, really!

*Tallahassee, Florida has claimed the porch swing as its symbol to represent the laid back, Southern "come sit a spell and visit" small town mentality. So cute!

*What's your go-to midnight snack?? Mine's usually a grilled cheese or a tortilla smeared in spicy mustard with cheese and turkey pressed in a skillet.

*Planting seedlings in eggshells. Spring is on it's way y'all! Apparently this helps with end rot!

One week until Spring is officially here! Take some time to enjoy what is left of Winter and to bid it adieu. Have a truly wonderful weekend!


  1. I love the mindful home article! and everything else too. Thank you for your research to make our day great!

  2. thank you for taking the time to enjoy! xoxo!