Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Happies!

It's Friday again you guys! This week has been a blur of closing shifts and trying to prepare my body for the time change on Sunday (don't forget!). Yeah, I'm a nerd and I love my sleep too much to be all out of sorts on my only day off this weekend. Aaaanywho, here's this week's roundup of happies, funs, pretties, interestings, and what-nots to usher you into your weekend (working or not) with the utmost pep in yo step! Hang on to your hats!

*Did you know about the hidden "village" of Pomander Walk in the middle of Manhattan? It's like a faerie tale! I love the story behind it too! So cheeky!

*Remember that awesome picture of the guy giving water therapy to his aging dog (Schoep lived to be 20!!))? Well, it's been a while since his best buddy passed on and he's gotten himself a new buddy, his name is Bear and he says that he is whole again since Schoep's passing! It's so lovely and heart-warming!

*Have you seen Meryl Streep's three daughters in their photo shoot for a fashion line? The clothes and they girls are absolutely stunning!

*Why are people always bashing on Kelly Clarkson? Her music isn't my taste per se, but her voice is undeniably incredible and her disposition and class are immeasurable in today's icky pop-music world. Check out her badass response to a total crap-heap talking head from Britain. Shame on you person whose name I refuse to remember. You're mean and Kelly's rad! TEAM KELLY!

*The weather has been whackadoodle this winter, no? Check out these frozen waves in Nantucket. It's so trippy! Makes me wonder if people two hundred years ago ever saw something like that!

*I LOVED John Oliver's segment on infrastructure and the hilarious and star-studded movie trailer he made about making a passion for maintaining our nation's infrastructure sexy and glamorous! It's the entire segment, the "movie trailer" is at the end and it's worth the wait (Cue to 17:30 if you don't wanna wait).

*Heh. Look at this idiot thief get taken down by a brick he tried to use to break into a Mercedes. What a fool! 

*This made me laugh out loud! The Zagat Guide on Twitter sent out a hashtag about coming up with your best "food band names". The internet responded with gusto, needless to say.

*I thought this was interesting and a little sad too (it shouldn't have to be!), but this woman is keeping her pregnancy a secret at work for as long as she can. See why she's made this choice, it's fascinating.

*One of my favorite shows ended last week and I'm bummed. But here are 14 Things Parks & Rec taught us about food.

*Completely awesome post about how to deal with people who think/act/treat you like you're nuts for trying to make healthy changes in your life.

*The Steven Banks specials in the 1980's was one of my legitimate favorite things as a kid. Last week I found the whole thing online and watched it twice back to back. It is so damn funny and the guy is a genius of not only subtle and slapstick comedy but timing and orchestration. Here is "Rock and Roll R.I.P" from the Steven Banks special from 1980-something.

*10 Habits of naturally calm people! Totally taking notes.

*Cute post by Caroline. How to Find Your Soulmate.

*I've been really enjoying the blog Raising Miss Matilda. This week Matilda turned two. The cuteness abides, man...the cuteness abides.

*I like this little candle for a subtle nod to St. Patty's Day (or just to have because it's so lovely!).

Well, with that I'm off! I hope this finds you on a beautiful day and even if the weather's grey...I hope you choose to make it a beautiful day! Ciao!

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