Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thoughts on Time (Part 3)


Well, we've discussed the bigger "headspace" issues of organizing your time last week. This week we've discussed the slightly more detailed issues such as planning, such as keeping and managing a list and deterring urgency. Today we are going to talk about a few more tangible ways to get more out of your time. Here we go!

#1. Delegate!

Oh, it's such a hard one, isn't it? Especially for women. It's hard to accept when people don't do something the way you would do it. Am I guilty? Totally. I make my staff at work nervous when I look over the shoulder to supervise their tasks. I hate that I do it, and I can't stand it when people do it to me, but for the sake of honesty- I admit it.

I can be a control freak, though not everyone would assume that about me. My house is always in a state of "organized chaos", and I'd rather do just about anything that spend time fixing my hair. But in regards to other things- like finances and my kitchen cabinets...I'm a nutbar.

That being said, there is a glorious freedom to letting go of tasks that you don't have to be the sole executor of. Let the hubs fold the laundry even if he does a double fold and you prefer a triple fold. The fact of the matter is that laundry is being folded(which is the whole friggin' point) and that frees up time for you to get other shit done like that rough draft on the Great American Novel you've been dreaming of writing. Ahem.

#2. Learn to say "NO".

Man oh man it feels good to get out of plans. It feels even better when you swallow your fear of disappointing others or making waves and say "No" if you don't want to do something or if it puts too much on your feet. 

I find that a sincere "Thank you, but..." really does the trick. Also there's the uber-classy "I prefer not to" that I've grown quite fond of. People have their own stuff going on too, you know- they aren't all lying awake at night staring at the ceiling wondering why you aren't coming to the fifteenth baby shower this year. 

Just think of that time saved as "free time". It wasn't just given to you- you took it for yourself and that is a fantastic feeling!

How true. Interesting article here.

#3. Eliminate or greatly reduce "controllable" distractions.

I touched on this last week, but it bears reiterating. There is no need to have the TV on all the time. There is no need to have a computer or tablet on non-stop, or your phone always beeping bloop buzzing right next to you calling your attention to a little glowing screen every 30 seconds. If you add up all the time spent looking at screens or occupying your senses, I bet you'd have gained a few hours a day.

Geez Louise. Another interesting article here.

I'm not saying you must take a tech-fast. Of course I look at my phone and hey- I'm writing this blog on a computer. You can live a completely regular life and not waste loads of time mindlessly internetting. And you know what? There is something to be said for boredom too. The mind does incredible problem-solving and creating when it's allowed to breathe and be. 

You can have a gratifying existence without constant stimulation and a lot can get done in a much shorter amount of time that you'd think (more on that on Monday). Find your balance with that. Constantly zoning out, sucks more than your time. It sucks your motivation and your get-up-and-go, your zippity pow,  and your je ne sais quois! I don't know about you, but I could use all the zippity pow and je ne sais quois I can get my hands on!

What are your controllable distractions? What could you trim away, delegate or say "No" too that could immediately fill your time bucket? I'd love to know!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day and stay tuned!


  1. I hope people don't forget the art of conversation and note writing... a good talk is about the best medicine for what ails you sometime and a note in the mail is magical! Love the saying no, I am better at it that before!

  2. i agree completely!! we are supposed to communicate and it's the utmost of medicine! great point!!!