Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Happies!!

This is Colby. He is not digging the snow & ice currently swallowing Nashville whole. This is what he listens to to keep warm! Donate today!

 Happy Friday y'all! What a week! Birthday, Valentine's AND Mardi Gras! I'm beat. I hope y'all have made it through your week relatively unscathed as well. I know there is some real scary weather out there right now (it's below 25 degrees in Florida this morning!), and my thoughts are with all of you dealing with ice and snow and cabin fever.

I'm working all weekend again, I hope you aren't- but either way, here are this week's funs, happies, pretties, interestings, and what-not's to usher you into a fun weekend regardless (it's all about the attitude, right?). Have a great weekend you guys, I truly hope it's wonderful! Here we go (and stay safe and warm out there)!

*Bless her little heart. When her baby wouldn't come on her due date, she decided to do the entire dance from "Thriller" to jiggle herself into going into labour. She did a damn good job too!! Get down girl, go on get down!

*I love this infographic/quote about time (#14). It really resonated with me.

*Cool! The 7 types of English surnames! 

*Heh. Suburban Funk (soccer mom parody of Uptown Funk).

*Oooh! I'm such a sucker for a beverage dispenser. These are so pretty!

*This sounds like a fun dinner experiment for next week...Italian-style Meatloaf. Mine's already pretty damn good (if I do say so myself), but I think this recipe sounds yummy!

*Y'all know I'm about the cosy! I'll add this to the pile of incredibly snuggly throws I'm collecting thankyouverymuch!

*I must get this book. MUST!!

*This poor fella. His guilty conscious got the better of him. So funny!

*I had never heard of Horn Island until I found this article. My husband is from Biloxi and even he has never mentioned it. I must admit, I'm super intrigued!

*I love a good themed collection! These rustic candleholders are perfect for Spring, Summer, St. Patrick's Day and even Christmas in varying shades of greens!

*From looking at these pictures, I feel I should step up my pajama and lingerie game. Seriously!

*I'm a sucker for a good buddy movie, particularly once that looks slightly cheesy. Hot Pursuit looks like  it may fit the bill I will go alone, and laugh super loudly in a partially-empty matinee theatre.
That's how I roll, y'all. Don't hate.

*I was given a beautiful white hyacinth bulb for my birthday this year and, having never cared for them was unsure how to care for it so I can enjoy its magnificence again for years to come. Since this is the time for hyacinths, I thought I'd share some tips with y'all too! It's such an enjoyable blossom!

*Did y'all know this trick for drying a load of clothes faster if you're in a hurry? I didn't and I'm totally going to try it!


  1. I enjoyed everything on your list, the jammies, the Horne Island adventure...I want to take that charter!!!, the book will be on my order after Lent is over... I gave up buying books and sweets, the dog video was adorable. Thank you for such fun!

  2. I love that you loved it! That guilty dog made me laugh so hard. Poor fella. He just couldn't resist those cat treats! Thank you for taking the time to enjoy all the happies! Love love love!