Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Happies - Birthday Edition!!!

How was your week, friends? Mine was a little off, but good. I worked a lot and spent a lot of time trying to "get ahead", whatever that means. Amiright?

Well, I'm off for the weekend because  IT"S MY BIRTHDAY (on Monday)!!! I love my birthday. It's all red and pink and tulips and chocolate and chilly pretty weather in all its swirly February-ness! Heh. I digress.

I hope y'all all have a nice relaxing weekend planned (and even if you have to work), here is a list of pretties, funs, happies, feel-goods, interestings, and what-nots to at least put a smile on your face! Here we go!

*This is Rami. He is a love child (obviously) of a dachshund and a pit bull. I love him, but there is a wait list at the shelter in Moultrie (just an hour or so from me!) for possible adoptive parents. That is a good thing, because I would totally take him home tomorrow otherwise.

*Woah. The cost of things in the U.S. after living abroad for fourteen years! Wowsers.

*Heh. Perfect for a birthday girl!

*I love all the ladies on Saturday Night Live. They are incredible from A to Z (Aidy to Sasheer Zamata). This article on Aidy made me smile. She's interesting and funny and smart and I just liked it so there!

*I like practical things that are beautiful. These scissors would be so beautiful on my (one day) desk.

*Peonies and tulips are two of my favorite flowers. But, I never heard of Peony Tulips until yesterday! What the what?! They are the prettiest flower I've ever seen!!!

*Workouts you can do according to how the characters on your favorite shows act! Love it. It's the perfect balance of totally lazy and getting exercise.

*What a pretty garden thermometer! It'd be so pretty outside a screened-in porch (I want a screened-in porch so badly!).

*I got two great records from my dad for my birthday and they have been on constant rotation on my record player since. This one makes me dance around like I'm James Brown!

*Hmm! Coming out as "anxious".  Super duper interesting article!

*Now these are some par-tay shoes!!!

*A really pretty blog about gratitude and other lovely things. The Garden of Eating.

*What a hilariously dark, weird, funny looking movie. The Voices.

*And a beautiful, chilling and charming movie. Woman In Gold. 

*Ahmahgah! I wish I had found these before Groundhog's Day!!! I could make them for myself for like- a regular Tuesday in the future, right? Right?!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! How could you not after seeing that groundhog cookie? P.S. If the image is no longer moving, refresh the page and scroll down and be prepared for utter joy!


  1. This was my favorite post of all times! I loved each and every selection!!! The dog is a little un nerving though..... just sayin'.

  2. love comes in all shapes and sizes!