Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Happies!

Happy Friday fellas! I'm very much looking forward to a day off. It's been an interesting week. My plans? Clean! Organize! Menu plan! Exercise! Naps! I am waiting with baited breath. I hope y'all all get some nice time of respite soon too! Heeeeere's the list of funs, pretties and happies to help nudge you into your weekend with a smile on your face!

*This made me laugh...and cringe. How to spot an American traveling abroad. I'm definitely guilty of the tipping and talking to strangers. My husband is guilty of the white socks and baseball cap!

*I need a little bit of this. "McMindfulness".

*Unique and pretty glass boxes to organize jewelry or little keepsakes you treasure. I love the idea of a "curiosity" display.

*Oh my goodness! Twin Peaks pin up girls! I just got inspired to do a Twin Peaks marathon!! I love me some Sherilyn Fenn!

*I love the simplicity of the jewelry from Masha Moon! I think I'll be perusing their site more frequently.

*Y'all know I'm a history nerd. Well, I found a site that teaches you how to date undated old photographs by what the people are wearing, how their wearing it and hairstyles. So cool!! I got lost on it for a little while.

*Something we all need! Seven things that clean up your gut. I don't recognize a couple of these, but I'm still intrigued. I'm convinced that so many maladies can be remedied from a healthy gut (and I don't mean a spare tire!). Interesting stuff!

*Though I don't necessarily think a little girl needs to get married to consider herself worthy like a "Queen", I still love what that this papa is teaching his (adorable) little girls to know they deserve love, respect, honor and good manners from the people they choose to have in their lives.

*I know it's way to soon to be thinking about warm weather clothes, but I saw this top on Parc Boutique's web site and just loved it. It makes me want to wear flowy linen pants and super long light weight sweaters and sophisticated sandals. It makes me daydream about living in a little beachy historic town and having a little shop and living simply. All for the low low price of...well- we won't go there! Yikes!

*Y'all, Tony Bennett's new record Cheek to Cheek is really lovely. I adore him and this new release of songs from The American Songbook just makes me smile. Listen to the whole record here! 

*In the rush of the holidays (and the apparently unavoidable cold and buggy virus from hell that accompanied it), I missed my awesome mom's awesome post about the holidays! It's so lovely and tactile and visual. She really has a way with creating a bittersweet, cosy and magical nostalgia with every little thing she touches. So what if the holidays are over?! Walk down that little path with her today, it's charming and warm and sometimes you just need something as simple as that to make your day better.

*Beauty insights from a French tomboy. Fascinating for those who love French style, but don't really want to care about not caring that much. Ha! I definitely am stealing a handful of these tips!

*There is something truly magical about flower bulbs. I'm a February baby, and have always had a soft spot for tulips, crocus, and daffodils as they start to sprout up around then. But I also love amaryllis and just about anything else that comes in bulb form. They're just little gifts that keep on giving and remind me of a lot of lovely women in my life. Even the ones that didn't garden much! All of that is to say, check out these bulbs, y'all! Plant some magic today!

*And on a upbeat but melancholy note, a farewell to Little Jimmy Dickens. When I was a little girl, my dad played drums at the Grand Ole Opry and I saw and spoke with Little Jimmy Dickens practically every time I was there. He was always nice, even to a little kid he didn't know. I didn't know until I was a few years older just how special, funny and talented he was. Rest in peace, sir.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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