Monday, January 12, 2015

Colour Therapy- Saffron!

I am all in the mood for the bright, happy cosiness of saffron today! Maybe because it's been so cold and grey, my Vitamin D deficiency kicked in or something.  Just for funsies, I thought I'd spend a little time today sharing some beautiful things to (maybe, hopefully!) get you to feel the metaphorical sunshine on your face too!

In feng shui, a warm happy yellow is a color for health. In meditation, the yellow and orange chakras represent positive use of personal power, meditation and digestion as well as the utilization of creative forces in all aspects of your being (gotta love that!) respectively.  

After this harried holiday season and during this long stretch of cold, and grey we all naturally grow a little internal. I think that's great and really important; but while you're at it, you can at least have a little manmade sunshine in your life. Just because you're cozied in, doesn't mean you have to get all Season Affective Disorder-y on us.

Just think of the daffodils popping out of the frosty ground y'all, they're little shoots of sunshine during the harshest time of year!

Velvet pillows! I don't usually like velvet because it makes my teeth hurt to touch it, but the color is fantastic; and if you're not afflicted with the weird velvet/teeth situation then I highly recommend adding them for a comforting texture in your living room or bedroom.

A stunning shade, "Nasturtium" ,to add a pop of color to your walls. I think it'd be pretty painted 3/4 of the way down a wall with a rough border (not with painters tape but kind of eyeballed instead). 

This lovely and soft-looking rug from Anthropologie!

Pretty glass beads to wear with a winter white or grey outfit maybe?!

A little bucket/basket to brighten up the inevitable laundry malaise or use as a planter for a leafy friend!

The ultimate soft tee for lounging about in leggings or jammie bottoms (and big wooly socks) watching Netflix marathons.

And last but not least! A delicious recipe to make that will warm your heart and your senses! I truly want to try this! Cardamom & Saffron Pears. Yum yum yum!!!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day, y'all! Don't forget to let the sunshine in!!


  1. Oh my gracious!!!! It makes me happy just to see and savor that color! I know why the English use bright yellows , our weather has been so gray and it just brings the sunshine in. Keep on shining girl!

  2. it absolutely made me happier just to find those images! you keep on shinin' too, you lil diamond you!