Thursday, January 22, 2015

Comfort food!

Even though the weather has gotten unseasonably warm for the moment, I am still in a super comforting soup mood. I've been trying some new recipes that are budget-friendly to get us through (and keep us on our debt paying and saving track).

A favorite at our house right now is the delicious Chicken, Lime & Avocado soup! It is so good, y'all! You have to try it! It's bright and fresh instead of tangy and spicy as it would suggest (and I used one jalapeƱo instead of two and was very careful not to get any membrane or seeds in there so it's not too spicy). It's so good and flavorful that next time I'm going to make it sans-broth and use it to stuff soft tacos! Yum!!!

Another favorite is my Broccoli & Pea Coconut Milk Deliciousness Soup (better name and recipe for y'all to try coming soon!).

I hope y'all have a truly wonderful, comforting and cosy day!

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