Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Happies!!

I'm so glad it's Friday. I hope y'all have a wonderful, fun and relaxing weekend planned. I have to work and attend a 2 hour meeting I am dreading on my day off no less- ick- but I hope to squeeze some fun in there while I'm at it. Well, around here on Fridays I like to curate a list of happy, funny, awesome, inspiring, pretty and just plain interesting things to get you in a super positive mood for your weekend.

*Well I definitely know a handful of people that could benefit from this little gift.

*This made me laugh. And yes, it's quite true.

*This too!

*I'm oddly fascinated by mudras. I've tried them a few times when meditating or stressed out and it seemed to actually work. Perhaps its the accidental hand massage, or perhaps some amazing connection to the brain, but seriously- I've actually noticed an effect!

*Since I've been on this decluttering/organizing/crafting kick, this appeals to me very much. I want to make a version of this myself in harvest colors for Thanksgiving or multiple shades of pink, red, and purple for my birthday (around Valentine's Day). The possibilities are endless, really!

*Are you abibliophobic? I think I may be. Seriously!

*I post this pretty regularly, but if you can take some time every day to have a moment like this to show gratitude for just how miraculously badass your life really is, then it will only get better!

*Ha! This pretty much covers every moment I spent alone as a child.

*Hell yeah. Thank you Netflix. I've been streaming Gilmore Girls nonstop since they made it available. The hubs says "it's just fine", but we both know he really wanted Rory and Jess to end up together in the long run.

*A few more pounds and a few more dollars and this look could be mine. In my head I can totally wear it now, but in reality... a few pushups and sit-ups couldn't hurt the ole girl.

*Is it just me or is this time-traveling Taylor Swift from the 1960's? I saw this online the other day and its weirded me out a little ever since. It totally looks like her!

*Meditation. Yes! Exhale!

I hope y'all have a wonderful, peaceful and completely awesome weekend!

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