Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday Cozies!

Y'all may have realized Fall is my favorite time of year. It makes me so happy, and one of my favorite things to do once it starts getting cooler out is make ultimate comfort food dishes. So, I thought it'd be fun to share some with y'all today to get you in the mood too (if you aren't already!).

*Dude. Cheesy Pumpkin Orzo. It's so good! I made it for my Fall party last year. It's delicious and makes a ton!

*Roast Chestnut, Parnsip, Apple & Goat Cheese Soup. I cannot wait to try this! It has all my favorites! I want to be snuggling up to watch Hocus Pocus or Nightmare Before Christmas and an Abita Oktoberfest beer when I have this!

*Oh my goodness. Spicy Cream of Pumpkin Soup with Crispy Prosciutto. Yep. Heaven.

*Autumn Couscous Salad. Light and yummy!

*Holay molay! Almond Cranberry Squash Bake. What a perfect middle of the week, "I don't feel like cooking" meal. I'd probably toss some bacon crumbled on top or something for a little extra protein.

*Autumn Lasagna. This sounds incredible and I can't wait to try it. Turkey, sage, garlic, butternut squash, mozzarella! Dear diary...

*I think y'all may have deduced I'm a Southern gal, and down here we have pecans coming out the wazoo most of the time. So, my last little addition to this roster of awesomeness, is Candied Pecans. They're like crack. I'm not allowed near an open container for I will eat them all. I like to add a little cayenne to mine. Meowr!

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