Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Quest Begins

Every year I read the amount of books for the age I am that year (awkward sentence translation: I'm 32 right now and I'm reading 32 books this year). Earlier this year I read an awesome book my mom gave me (this one). Well, it was mostly awesome- some of it was a little "I'm a middle aged, well-to-do ex-patriot living in France" (three things I most certainly am not/am not doing) but the rest of it was really great advice on the French mentality behind skincare, hair care, style and diet/exercise. It's had quite the affect on me. Particularly investing in a quality hair cut/style. 

You see, *dramatic sigh*, I had the best hairstylist, Meghan, a few years ago. I met her literally five minutes after a break up and she proceeded to give me the cutest and most flattering, easy-to-manage haircut that I kept for four years until the hubs and I moved away in 2011. Well, we've been back for three years now and I haven't been able to reconnect with her...until this week. 

Y'all I'm gonna get my groove back!!! I'm so excited and now I'm trying to find the right hairstyle for me in this point of my life.

I want it to reflect my personality (quirky, wash-and-go low maintenance, and a little rock and roll hippie). I want to look sophisticated now that I'm in my 30's, but also a bit young, a bit more hot and a dash edgy (don't want to feel like I've lost that, you know?!). So, y'all- help a chick out, here are some options I'm looking at, give me your insights if you have any! 

Facts: my hair is stick straight, but will do interesting things if layered correctly. It is baby fine, but for the handful of  badass silvery greys coming in that are crazy cat lady kinky (and I weirdly love it).
Here are the options:

#1. That hot toddy at the top of the page. It's kind of French, a little rock and roll, and a lot lady badass, with a chic spin. It's closer to the length I have right now too.

#2. Similar but a teeny bit longer and more layered. I like this one because it's kind of wispy and Chrissy Hynde-y and I LOVE me some Chrissy Hynde!

#3. The Charlotte. I've missed my long hair since I cut off 11 inches (!) in January, even though long hair can be such a pain in the ass. This would be something I'm working toward, but it's so damn sexy, right?!

What do y'all think? I'd love to know. And while I'm at it, I love the idea of taking care of yourself in this regard. It isn't trite or superficial to care for yourself and to feel confident. What do you do to care/make yourself feel confident?

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

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