Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Happies!

Hey y'all it's Friday! I hope your week has been badass and that you have a pleasant weekend ahead of you. The hubs and I are heading to Atlanta to see John Prine and I'm so damn excited! Well, around here on Fridays I share funs, happies, pretties and what-nots to make you laugh, relax a little and get excited for the weekend (whether you are off work or not). Heeeeeere we go!

*Y'all wanna get spooky? 

*"Crumbling" mansions for sale for less than 100K. I'm super intrigued! What beautiful links to the past. I hope people buy them and restore them to their former glory.

*I love this little kid and his love for the film Dirty Dancing. At first you think its just a little kid dancing, then he busts out some impressive moves (especially during the bit where Swayze jumps off the stage- awesome!).  It's totally worth watching the whole thing!

*It may be a few months early; but there is ugly, then there is ug-ly! Whoo lawdy!

*Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies! I know a handful of lovely people that would like to get a warm basket of these as a gift!

*Well that made me laugh louder than I expected (because we all have had that happen at least once, amiright?!).

*I may have been living under rock, but I didn't even know Streisand had a son, let alone one with such a voice (his part begins at 1:56).

*I don't even need 21 reasons. Do you?

*Ooh, these are saucy!

*This sounds like it smells absolutely incredible! Me wanty!

*Oh my goodness! That is the cutest thing I've seen in a minute!!

*Poor buddy! "I'm okay! I'm okay!" Heavens, that's so cute & funny!

*I weirdly like this.

*Something I've wondered! How does one throw a Halloween party without looking like a jerk?

*12 words even smart people get wrong. I love her blog almost as much as I love semantic antics!

I hope you have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Fun post, love the Minion video! have a great trip and squeeze the baby for me! xxoo

  2. I did! Isn't that minion thing hilarious?!! "I'm okay!"